Tuesday, January 19, 2016

NEPAL BLUE MOUNTAIN - "Probably the best organic coffee of the world"

Are You interested in learning more about a sustainable approach of growing coffee organically in Nepal (Pokhara)? - Then just visit me.

Organic Coffee Farmer Bishow Bandhu Pokharel invites You for a visit on his organic orange- and coffee farm in Bayali (just a 90 minutes easy walk from Pokhara). Rolf will charge 25 Euro for that unforgettable and stunning one day trek. Call Rolf at 00977-9803215438 and You will experience with all Your senses why our coffee is a unique, premium, rare and precious specialty which now sells for 19,99 Euro per 500 grams plus shipping in the international market until December 31st 2016. NEPAL BLUE MOUNTAIN. - Probably the best organic coffee in the world! ; ))

Our 100 % pure Arabica Coffee grows organically in half shade under orange trees at an altitude between 1.100 and 1.600 meters above sea level in a short walking distance south of Pokhara. We harvest 5.500 KG only between January and April each year which makes it a rare specialty of highest value. We process our unique premium coffee with best water (wet processing) directly from the spring, which makes an important difference in coffee quality compared to many other organically grown nepali coffees which still are processed dry. Dry processing gets a lot of not wanted stuff from the red coffee cherry pulp into the green coffee bean. We process environmentally friendly including composting all organic materials from our farm and use only organic pesticides, insecticides and fertilizers choosing the very best red cherries and green beans only!!

NEPAL BLUE MOUNTAIN - Organically Grown Premium Himalayan Coffee with 55 - 75 % of the retail price for the 350 nepali farmer families (“Super Fair Trade”!), 15 % for sales and marketing, rest goes for cargo, international taxes and customs…

Sales and Marketing Rolf Schmelzer rolf.schmelzer@koeln.de

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  1. Hi I am Mr paija from England. But I am Nepali.I want to open the big coffee farm in nepal but I am worry about my product marketing. I have big land in nepal at 100th height any suggestion please email me on dbanjaan@hotmail.co.uk