Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Premium Himalayan Organic Coffee

"Nepal Blue Mountain" origins in Syangia, Lalitpur, Gulmi, Kavre, Nuwakot, Kaski, Arghakhachi, Sindhupalchok, Ilam & Lamjung. New harvest from January 2016 in all Nepali organic premium coffee growing districts: More than 500 tons expected. Visit Nepal Blue Mountain on facebook:

Our highest quality, very rare, unique in its taste Organically Grown Premium Coffee NEPAL BLUE MOUNTAIN seems to become the very best and most precious organic coffee in the world! The demand is A LOT higher than we can produce. 500 grams now we sell for 19,99 Euro plus shipping worldwide with DHL until December 31st, 2016. The farmers get 55%-75% (!) of the retail price. That is "Premium Super Fair Trade" ; )) Isn't it? - more than 350 nepali families from the green himalayan hills around BAYALI (= nepali: "flirting with the wind") south of Pokhara (1.100 - 1.600 meter above sea level) and the blue himalayan mountains to the north (Annapurna I - IV) are growing and harvesting it in half shade and processing NEPAL BLUE MOUNTAIN Premium Himalayan Organic Coffee WET with fresh himalayan spring water.

Up in the lovely green hills above the tourist hot spot Pokhara 54 year old Nepalese Coffee Farmer Bishow Bandu Pokharel and his 48 year old wife Indira have their organic coffee farm with their three children which all go to school and university down in Pokhara and in Kathmandu. Meanwhile a total of more than 350 farming families here planted more than 55.000 coffee bushes. The quality of our Organically Grown Nepalese Highland Coffee NEPAL BLUE MOUNTAIN is splendid ("Grade A") and already has been exported to Singapore, Hong Kong, Austria, Australia, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Japan the USA, Canada, Russia and more countries. Always in rather small quantities. Coffee-Connesseurs around the world already compare the premium quality and taste of our NEPAL BLUE MOUNTAIN from Bayali with world famous Blue Mountain Coffee from Jamaica! The demand is FOUR TIMES HIGHER than the farmers can produce with slow but sustainable growth. That makes us very happy ;-)). The coffee is just UNIQUE IN THE WORLD and a rare specialty, "dheri ramro chha" as the nepali people use to express themselves. With microcredits and trainig by the swiss NGO HELVETAS Bishow Bandu Pokharel six years ago bought a SIMPLE pulper, a SIMPLE grander and a SIMPLE packing tool - And just two weeks ago a ROASTER JUHUUUUUU!!!. All is HAND PICKED and HAND MADE!! See the fresh pictures of these simple but very effective tools. And get Yourself an awesome treat with our unique NEPAL BLUE MOUNTAIN PREMIUM ORGANIC COFFEE FROM THE HIMALAYAS IN NEPAL. The NEW HARVEST just started in January 2016 and we sell 500 grams for 19,99 Euro until December 31st, 2016 plus shipping worldwide. It's ORGANICALLY GROWN PREMIUM HIMALAYAN COFFEE ("GRADE A") growing at an altitude between 1.100 and 1.600 meters above sea level in half shade under orange trees and is being wet processed. That makes the difference and gives it the perfect mild acids.


Bayali Organic Coffee Producers Group
Mobile Phone: 00977-980-3215438

Contact for the press:
Rolf Schmelzer, Pokhara


500 grams for 19,99 Euro
until December 31st, 2016
plus shipping worldwide
inbetween three days with DHL

Annett and Peter from Denmark enjoying
Bayali Organic Coffee Producer's Group
Bayali, Pokhara, Nepal

Get the PREMIUM QUALITY of the new harvest NOW together with a souvenir from NEPAL : )

Man spricht deutsch:

"Unser Kaffee NEPAL BLUE MOUNTAIN ist einfach Der Beste ; )) Optimale Anbaulage im Halbschatten zwischen 1.100 und 1.600 Metern über dem Meer, 300 Sonnentage im Jahr, bestes Quellwasser (wichtig: "wet processing!"), zwei Jahre Training durch HELVETAS NEPAL - DANKE!

Und immer wieder Handarbeit: Auslese, Auslese, Auslese über sechs warme und trockene schöne, reiche Erntemonate (Januar bis April) für 350 glückliche Farmerfamilien, die neben unserem Edel-Kaffee auch noch Papayas, Orangen, Zitronen, Hanf, Tabak, Oliven, Reis, Hirse, Mais und viele andere Früchte und Gemüse anbauen. Besser geht es nicht.

Und dann auch noch "Super Fair Trade" (Rolf Schmelzer, Nepal)

Unser Kaffee im Januar 2016: hoehere Preise fuer reife Kaffekirschen, verbesserte Produktionsbedingungen, wesentich weniger Verluste bei Pulping, Hulling, Roasting usw. Hoere Qualitaet!

Super Fair Trade jetzt mit 55 - 75 % (!!) fuer die mehr als 350 - Farmer Familien und Kaffee-PflueckerInnen!

Mein Anteil fuer Marketing, Inlandstransport, Werbung, Etikette, Tueten, Sales und Marketing, Flyer ist mit 15 % konstant geblieben, Juhuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ; ))

Liebe Gruesse
Euer Rolf Schmelzer

Nepal. Blue Mountain. Coffee

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

NEPAL BLUE MOUNTAIN - "Probably the best organic coffee of the world"

Are You interested in learning more about a sustainable approach of growing coffee organically in Nepal (Pokhara)? - Then just visit me.

Organic Coffee Farmer Bishow Bandhu Pokharel invites You for a visit on his organic orange- and coffee farm in Bayali (just a 90 minutes easy walk from Pokhara). Rolf will charge 25 Euro for that unforgettable and stunning one day trek. Call Rolf at 00977-9803215438 and You will experience with all Your senses why our coffee is a unique, premium, rare and precious specialty which now sells for 19,99 Euro per 500 grams plus shipping in the international market until December 31st 2016. NEPAL BLUE MOUNTAIN. - Probably the best organic coffee in the world! ; ))

Our 100 % pure Arabica Coffee grows organically in half shade under orange trees at an altitude between 1.100 and 1.600 meters above sea level in a short walking distance south of Pokhara. We harvest 5.500 KG only between January and April each year which makes it a rare specialty of highest value. We process our unique premium coffee with best water (wet processing) directly from the spring, which makes an important difference in coffee quality compared to many other organically grown nepali coffees which still are processed dry. Dry processing gets a lot of not wanted stuff from the red coffee cherry pulp into the green coffee bean. We process environmentally friendly including composting all organic materials from our farm and use only organic pesticides, insecticides and fertilizers choosing the very best red cherries and green beans only!!

NEPAL BLUE MOUNTAIN - Organically Grown Premium Himalayan Coffee with 55 - 75 % of the retail price for the 350 nepali farmer families (“Super Fair Trade”!), 15 % for sales and marketing, rest goes for cargo, international taxes and customs…

Sales and Marketing Rolf Schmelzer